The CJCUC offers the following programs:

► Full day programs including touring of the Path of our Biblical Patriarchs as well as the Gush Etzion Memorial Museum or Herodian National Park

► Half Day – includes three biblical sessions

► Evening programs – for tours on a tight schedule, CJCUC offers a 1 hour Biblical session at its Jerusalem facility

Below are Sample Bible Study session topics:

Isaac & Ishmael


What was the root conflict between Isaac and Ishmael? Does Ishmael have a covenant or blessing? What is the responsibility of a Jewish nation to the descendants of Ishmael?
10 Commandments Are there really 10 Commandments? Is there a hierarchy of the commandments? What are differences between the commandments stated in Exodus to the ones in Deuteronomy?
Why Moses could not enter Israel? With 4 biblical texts (3 in the Book of Numbers and 1 in the Book of Deuteronomy) on the story of Moses’ sin that prevented him from entering the Promised Land, was it really all about hitting a rock?
Intercessory Prayer What does it really mean “to stand in the gap”? Working with the biblical text in Exodus Chapter 32, learn how Moses transformed the concept of intercession and how one can improve their prayer life.
Who is Asenath? Is it really possible that Joseph, in the Book of Genesis, married a pagan wife whose ideals and values were so against the Abrahamic faith? Discover the real identity of Asenath and her role in redemption.
Can you really serve 2 Masters? Delve into the story of Naaman the Leper and learn how a little slave girl changed the authority hierarchy equation to give a Syrian General a path to salvation as well as the meaning of Naaman’s conversion.
Jeremiah’s Revolution – the New Covenant For 5 decades, Jeremiah was unable to penetrate the heart of the nation. What makes Jeremiah so certain of a optimistic future in Chapter 31? What clues can we learn from his past to unravel his revolutionary idea of a New Covenant?
Sabbath – a Taste of Eden Since its biblical inception, the Sabbath has kept the Jewish nation together. It is more than a list of do’s and don’ts. In order to appreciate the “how” of the Sabbath, we must never lose sight of the “why.” Learn the theology of Sabbath.